The Hathaway Family Foundation is committed to improving the lives of those in need, and one of the most critical aspects of this mission is access to quality healthcare. That’s why we’re proud to support initiatives that provide healthcare support to those who need it most.

Healthcare Programs

Hathaway Family Foundation supports a variety of healthcare programs. Learn about the programs we are involved in and the impact they are making in local communities.

Community Health Clinics

We partner with community health clinics to provide essential medical services to those in need. Our support helps to ensure that these clinics have the resources they need to provide quality care to their patients.

Mobile Health Units

For those who live in rural or remote areas, access to healthcare can be a challenge. We support mobile health units that bring essential medical services directly to these communities, improving access to care for all.

Mental Health Services

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and yet many people do not have access to the care they need. We support initiatives that provide mental health services, including counseling and therapy.

Chronic Disease Management

For those living with chronic illnesses, access to ongoing medical care is essential. We support programs that help manage chronic diseases, improving the quality of life for those affected.

Recent Grants

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