The Hathaway Family Foundation is committed to improving the lives and communities of those in need. One critical aspect of this mission is ensuring access to nutritious food for everyone. This is why the Foundation is proud to support food support initiatives that provide access to food to those who need it most.

Food Programs

Hathaway Family Foundation supports a variety of food programs. Learn about the programs we are involved in and the impact they are making in local communities.

Food Banks and Food Pantries

We collaborate with local food banks and pantries to provide essential supplies.

Our contributions help restock their shelves, allowing them to provide a consistent source of food to those who depend on them.

Soup Kitchens

We partner with soup kitchens to offer hot and nutritious meals to those who are struggling to access food.

Our support provides a lifeline for those who are hungry today while also ensuring food security for tomorrow.

Meal Delivery Programs

For individuals who are unable to leave their homes, we support meal delivery programs that bring healthy food directly to their doorsteps.

This support is crucial for elderly individuals, people with disabilities, and those living with chronic illness.

Food Rescue

By collecting surplus food that would otherwise go unutilized, we support food rescue organizations in their efforts to maximize their positive impact on the community. Our support not only helps to decrease food waste, but also increases access to nutritious and wholesome food options for those in need. We are dedicated to making a positive impact in our communities. Our support of food programs is just one of the many ways we are working to improve the lives of those who need it most.

Recent Grants

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Senior Food Support

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