What We Fund

We fund various programs focused on helping the homeless and most-needy in the areas of food, shelter, healthcare and education in Greenville County, South Carolina. While there are many in greater Greenville that need help in the aforementioned areas, we aim to fund programs that identify and target those that truly are the most needy. We also recognize that those within our community are best equipped to identify programs that are the most effective, so we keep an open mind and welcome new ideas. Within our four broad categories, we’re particularly interested in programs that support the following


Hot meals and soup kitchens

Food pantries


Short-term, immediate access for the homeless

Long-term housing for families


Life-skills and basic education

Job readiness, GED preparation, Basic financial skills, Literacy programs


Diagnosis and access to medical assistance for the homeless.

What We Don’t Fund

We do not provide grants to individuals. We do not provide loans. We do not fund scholarships. We do not provide grants to organizations or projects outside of Greenville County SC. We do not support public or government agencies. We do not support programs outside the primary focus found in our mission statement. We do not provide grants for projects more than once per year.

Many of our board members live and work in the Greenville area, so we maintain a strict Conflict of Interest Policy to ensure personal interests do not interfere with our grantmaking process.

How to Apply


  • Your written proposal (up to 5 pages) should include:
    1. A Letter of Request signed by the agency head, CEO or Director.
    2. A description of what you want to accomplish.
    3. Your organization’s leadership (including Board of Directors).
    4. What category are you applying under (Food, Shelter, Education, or Healthcare)?
    5. How you will use the funds you are requesting.
    6. How you will accomplish your goals, and all the assets you will apply to your work – not just money, but also people, partners and other assets.
    7. How you will know you succeeded. How will you measure your results?
    8. Should we award a grant, a plan to sustain your project once your grant funds end.
    9. A copy of your organization’s latest IRS tax determination letter that proves you are eligible for private foundation support.
    10. A copy of the latest financial statements (including a budget that shows income sources and expenses).


  • Submit your proposal by emailing a .PDF to hathawayfamilyfoundation@gmail.com before the appropriate deadline (see below) and include a Letter of Request signed by the agency head, CEO or Director.

When to Apply

2023 proposals should be submitted by the dates below. You will be notified via email once grants for the cycle have been determined approximately 45 days after the due date.

2023 Dates Coming Soon!

Conflicts of Interest

The Hathaway Family Foundation encourages board members to play an active role in the community by serving as board members or otherwise being involved with a wide spectrum of nonprofit organizations.

This means that, from time to time, potential conflicts of interest or appearance of such conflicts will inevitably arise. It is the Foundation’s policy to deal with such conflicts as openly as possible

Have questions about grant requests?

Send us a message by filling out our contact form or email directly at hathawayfamilyfoundation@gmail.com